Volunteer at the Samaritan Center

When you volunteer your time at the Samaritan Center, you volunteer to support your community.

As a volunteer you know that when you leave the Center, your time has been well-spent; after all, everything you have done will in some way help your neighbors in need.

We have many volunteer opportunities to meet your interests and skills! We encourage families with children as young as four years old and also people with disabilities to apply. For group opportunities, contact Bethany Hills at 423.238.7777 ext. 22.

Top Volunteer needs:

1. Donation pickup assistant
2. Gardeners in the Harmony Garden, 1-2 hours a week
3. Help clearing donation dock on Saturday night
4. Greeters in store lobby
5. Doll Squad team members
6. Barbie doll cleaners/dressers
7. Newspaper/bag prepper
8. Donation dock assistant
9. Computer builder
10. Fabric cutter/pricer on Thursday afternoons

To learn more about volunteering opportunities and how you can volunteer as an individual, family, or group, e-mail our volunteer coordinator.

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Volunteer Hours:

Monday – Thursday • 9am-5pm