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Shop at The Samaritan Center

The Samaritan Center Thrift Stores are a multi-faceted blessing for our community, helping not only our clients, but also our shoppers and the environment.

When a purchase is made at the Center, the money paid does not stop at the register. It increases the resources available to help clients with housing, utilities, and many other needs. Just by shopping here people can play a small part in helping their community.

Shoppers also benefit directly from the low prices. More than one mother has said that without the thrift store, she does not know how she would have raised her children on a tight budget.

The stores are kept clean, organized, and continually restocked to ensure a positive shopping experience. Shoppers never know what amazing deals they might find!

Additionally, having three stores in one place enables us to offer a wide variety of items, from furniture to toys to televisions and much more—all at thrift store prices.

The stores naturally help the environment by keeping people's unwanted items out of the landfill. Rather than filling a dumpster, clothes, cookware, and many other items get a second chance in our stores. We also recycle 400 tons of various items that do not sell, helping to keep our earth clean.

Thank you for shopping at the Samaritan Center, where shopping is giving and saving is green!



Q. Is it possible to buy donations while they are still in the warehouse/donation area?

A. No, to make it fair for everyone, nothing goes up for sale until it is priced and put on the store floor by one of the Center's employees.

Q. Can customers negotiate prices in the Center's thrift shops?

A. No, cashiers and employees cannot haggle at the request of a customer in the Thrift, Clearance, or Toy Stores. Adjusting prices for a customer could cost them their jobs.

Q. Do people who donate frequently (or at all) get discounts when they come to shop in the store?

A. No. The Center appreciates people who donate, but because store proceeds benefit the Center’s programs and services, we are unable to discount the prices any more than they already are.

Q. What happens if the price is missing on an item that is for sale in the store?

A. In that situation, the item has to be reprocessed and priced again before it can be bought.

Q. What is the Center's return policy?

A. The Center does not give cash refunds but can give you store credit for the full value of one returned purchase item, once a year.





Thrift Shops
9231 Lee Highway
Ooltewah, TN 37363

Thrift Shop Hours
Sunday • 1 pm-5 pm
Monday-Thursday • 9 am-8 pm
(Toy Connection closes at 6 pm)
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