Disaster Relief

Hurricanes, tsunamis, tornadoes, floods, earthquakes, forest fires . . . When we think of these catastrophic events on a global or national level, they can feel distant and unreal. But when disasters strike our friends, families, neighbors, or ourselves, it’s a completely different story.

Fire may result in the loss of a home, belongings, and clothing. A job loss may result in a financial crisis. Illness or death may permanently change a family’s ability to meet financial obligations and threaten them with homelessness. The Samaritan Center recognizes that each disaster requires a different level of response; that’s why we provide services that meet varying levels of need. Networking with local community agencies makes it easier for case workers to refer clients to the Center when they require specialized services.

The Center also works closely with other organizations and churches in responding to disasters both in our local area and on a national level. On an individual/family basis, the Samaritan Center provides food, clothing, furniture, and household items for emergency relief. The Center can also provide tools and other resources for storm damage clean-up. During times of national disasters, the Samaritan Center serves as a collection point for funds and donated goods when requested by Adventist Community Services Disaster Response.

Our community was blessed with volunteers and aid relief during the 2011 and 2012 tornadoes that ravaged this area. The Center strives to pay-it-forward in providing disaster relief to those in need.