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Our Service Area

The Samaritan Center serves residents of Eastern Hamilton County living within the following zip codes:


37302 Apison

  37421 Harrison
37308 Birchwood 37416 Hwy 58/Bonny Oaks
37315 Collegedale 37353 McDonald
37421 East Brainerd/Tyner      
37363 Ooltewah
37336 Georgetown  

If you don't live in one of these zip codes, resources likely exist for your area as well.

If you live in Hamilton County or in another county, start out by calling the United Way at 211 or 423.265.8000.

If you live in Bradley County, start your search by calling the American Red Cross of Cleveland at 423.472.1595 or the Bradley County Tennessee Department of Human Services at 423.478.0300.

These agencies will be able to refer you to the services that can best meet your needs.


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